Aaron Friedland

Aaron's Carbon Foot print
2010-03-09 07:30:50 (UTC)

Foot Print Day 5

Today i was woken in a huge hurry to begin debating, as the Vancouver boys
had slept in. I was unfortunately not able to have my morning shower. Although
i was horribly disappointed two thoughts occurred to me 1) i was going to smell
pretty bad and if not defeat my competition with intelligence i would use
"chemical warfare" 2) i would be conserving water. The day was comprised of
four meeting that each lasted two hours. During each meeting, committee
members would pass notes to each other to discuss ideas and create
resolutions. At the end of meeting no one would be allowed to leave the room
until all the papers and cups had been recycled. The model UN experience put
me in a position where it was very easy to constantly recycle and be
environmentally friendly. Furthermore when i entered the room at lunch today i
noticed a few of the boys cell phone chargers and computer chargers where still
plugged into some outlets i decided i would unplug them to try conserve energy.