Is this my fairy tale?
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2010-03-08 18:14:53 (UTC)

Monday, 8 March 2010 - No more

It started as a strange day and so it ended!
My dad was away so i had to go to school with my aunt. I had
to buy flowers so i stopped by at a Flower Shop. There i met
one of my classmates(AS). After we bought the flowers we
headed to school. First lesson: French. I got a 10 on my test
but i was not really happy. I had something else on my mind!
Boys! Every girl's worry! But why was it so complicated for
me! A "boyfriend" miles away... a guy a liked not knowing
what he wants... a ugly but sweet guy hugging me and only me
everyday and the bomb... a guy i was head over heals in love
with! So what is the problem? I'll tell u! My friend(IG) is
in love with him too and she is always talking of what he did
to her and etc. Pisses me off!
One of the breaks i started to yell! I was so jealous. We had
a fight... but now it is OK, i suppose.
Ok on top of all this mess i had to go home by feet! Which is
almost impossible... I arrived safe home there i talked 2
hours with my BFF(RB) on the phone. Then, from jealousy, i
told the guy i love(CB) that liked him! What am i going to
do?! What is gonna happen now... he said he's thinking bout
it. OMG! THAT IS IT I CAN TAKE IT NO MORE! Now it is late at
night... i'm going to call my boyfriend(AB) and i'm gonna ask
the guy that can't decide out(AO). Btw the sweet ugly guy
(AN) kissed me today after school!!!
This is so messed up! What am i gonna do!

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