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2010-03-08 16:51:59 (UTC)

mike lebron as a basketball player

LeBron’s quickness and strength are off the charts, his
court vision and ballhandling skills are highly developed,
and his rebounding and defense are improving with each
season. LeBron’s passing ability is nothing short of
extraordinary. He not only sees the whole court, but
anticipates the movement of teammates and defenders.
LeBron knows he will be double-teamed whenever he egts the
ball, so the first thing he does is look to see where the
help is coming from—then thinking one or even two passes
ahead before the second man arrives. Not surprisingly, he
is considered to be one of the NBA's best passers.

LeBron’s willingness to share the ball and get others
involved is one of the things coaches love about him. His
unselfishness underscores his innate understanding of
basketball and how fully he embraces the fundamentals. Of
course, when it is time to take charge and make a momentum-
changing statement—or score a key bucket—he is almost
impossible to stop.

LeBron’s leadership ability is no longer a question.
Despite being one of the youngest players in the NBA, he
does and says the right thing, and shares credit and
responsibility with his teammates. They know the big
trophy is out of their reach without him, but more
important, LeBron knows he can’t win it all without his