My Thoughts
2010-03-08 14:17:19 (UTC)

Being Content

While in my Prosperity Partner's Budgeting Basics class
this weekend, I gained a lot of valuable information, but
one of the things the hit me the hardest was a discussion
that surrounded happiness not being promised or
guaranteed, thus it is most important to be content;
satisfied with what one has, and wanting nothing more or
anything else. I have come to realize that currently, this
is my battle. I am not content. Last night, I had a long
conversation with someone that I did not know, but in this
first conversation, I received so many meaningful
messages. For the first time, in a long time, I could feel
that my heart, my mind, and my spirit were open. Although
there are many definitions for all words known to man I
found some clarity in the words sacrifice and compromise
in that conversation. Sacrifice is giving up something you
love, for something you love more, and compromise is
something that combines the qualities or elements of two
different things; making concession. Action step number 1.

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