Constant: continuing without pause
2010-03-08 11:27:05 (UTC)

So far, 20 youve entertained me.

I offically smoked weed for the first time the other
I know I know..Ive said to myself so many times NEVER.
But I did, with mandy and our friend dave.
It wasnt something I loved but it was fun.

Ok what else.
Im opening my playing field and trying to find just a cool
chill guy to date..for a bit.
Ive grown back open to liking chad, but im not sure where
that will go.
I told caleb, MAYBE.
hes been blowing my phone up now.

and now charlie from brians party/we also went to school
He flirts with me a lot and tonight he was drinking and
IMed me and he wasnt drunk yet but tipsy saying he wanted
me there and how he wants me and all this ha. I get to see
him tomorrow so we'll see how that goes. As well Im going
to get shakes with caleb tomorrow. ugh. hmm. I dont know
man I dont know.

Im reconnecting with my old friend ciara too. The
old "bitch" who ruined my 2007 homecoming. I see her
around a lot and now mandy and I are hanging out with her
boyfriend so I dont want "awkward" nights like we had

A lot has happened. I cant even think.
Works been good, OH ryann is so pissed at me, I can just
Ive been ditching her a lot for mandy which, sorry, Im at
a stage where I want to have fun and ryanns kinda over
that. She had fun the past few years, I never have. So its
weird to be with her, mandy and i are at the exact same
Were even talking about moving in together next year :)))
super stoaked on that.

Ahh I dont know, life is good. its real good.

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