Aaron Friedland

Aaron's Carbon Foot print
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2010-03-08 06:44:37 (UTC)

Foot Print Day 4

Still in Montreal. But still making conscious efforts to recycle.
I have decided bottles and cans are not my favorite method of recycling,
although it not only helps the environment and puts quite a large amount of
cash back into your wallet it is very time consuming. since i am not in Montreal
for long i am being "green" in more simple ways, i am constantly unplugging
appliances that are not being used. Also i am still doing my best to have short
showers, and i have cut my shower frequency in half. I have not been showering
at night and only in the mornings.I have not driven or bussed the entire trip,
which has greatly reduced my carbon emissions. Lastly the model UN program
are also making great efforts to recycle and have asked us to keep our cup we
are given at the beginning of each meal, this technique is a very efficient way to
reduce ones amount of waste, and reduce the rate in which landfills are filed.

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