my life as shantay
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2010-03-08 03:13:18 (UTC)

my lil sis is retarted and disgusting lol!!

my lil sis name is actualy miley but i forgot to say her she asked me if i know what poop
or fecies taste like and i said no.Then a few minutes later
i caught her in the bathroom with a little pebble poop in a
napkin a nd she was licking it.After she noticed that i saw
her she said that it actualy taste good and that i should
try it and i said no and called my mom and she said that
shell handle it when she ogt home.Then, i got home and lied
to my sister and said that mom gave me permission to spank
u and i got a big belt and hit her 7 times.Im sorry but it
felt good to do(im not abusive)because i think i was
letting my anger of all the drama about my cousin and
michael hills go.I guess u can say that i was taking my
anger out on her but idc.WELL I JUST WANTED TO SAY THAT SO