my life as shantay
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2010-03-08 03:02:16 (UTC)

i might change;bigtime BUT i really dont know what else to do

Idk but i might change my identity because i keep getting
private calls to my phone that say:u better watch
yourself.All the while i just keep regretting things and i
dont know what to do.I might change my name to Mallissa
Angelica Rawshunn to replace my name right now(which is
Shantay Angie Rollantz(no im not french).Also i might run
away but i dont
wana leave my lil sis behind.I really dont know what to
do,i need some advice from people,im DESPRET!!! Right now
im watching the 82nd anual academy awards and i cant go eat
micky d's right now because my mom wont let me and now im
really depressed.I just hope nothing really bad happens to
me or anybody else in my family.(i would love some advice
right now)SO BYE!!!

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