college life
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2010-03-08 01:31:37 (UTC)

Thinking about me for a change

I'm not sure why but today i've really been taking the time
to think about myself. All of the mistakes i've made, all
of the great accomplishments i've had this year, my past,
my future, everything. I always worry about Eric, or Eric
and I, or Eric and Colby. I love him to death, but it's
just dawning on me that i've become so concerned with how
he feels and what he wants...i've forgotten that I matter
too. I'm nervous about moving in together offically next
fall. He already lives here and everything, but its going
to be a big step in our relationship to make it offical and
put him on the lease. Right now he has a place to go if we
fight, he never has, but the option was always
available.Its going to mean getting rid of some things and
starting to consider some of our personal things "our"
I dont really know why all of this is just dawning on me,
but its really hitting home today. I guess thats growing

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