my diary, derr.
2010-03-07 21:44:01 (UTC)

I just got this for the lulz.

I got to thinking.. I used to write in my diary every day
and I occasionally get them out (there are a lot) and read
them, and they remind me of good/bad times. I guess it's a
nice way of remembering memories and stuff. But as I can't
be bothered with writing, and I always forget, I figured
I'd get an online one. Of course I'm not going to be stupid
enoguh to wrote really personal things on here as I've set
it to public. But I will write down things that happen that
I don't want to forget. :) I don't care if nobody reads
this, it's for myself and if others get kicks out of it,
then it's just a bonus! Thanks, bye. xxx

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