Wish I was 2 people
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2010-03-07 17:44:23 (UTC)


My head is tired of thinking about this situation - I just
want it to fast forward to how it is supposed to be.
When people look at my marriage and how it happened they
would tell you it was density - something worth fighting
for. All my dreams came true. When I met my husband,
Matt he was badly damaged from his pervious relationship -
heart was broken into a million pieces but then he met me
and I saw he was meant to meet me - so I was treuly
patient with him - never rushed him. He told me one day -
he didnt want anymore kids (he has a daughter) and he had
a vasectomy - I was truely devastrated - I have always
wanted to be a mother. So what else could I do except
leave the relationship - I did just that for a month - it
was the worst month of my life. We got back together but
I never was truely the same - there was always this big
void inside me - I longed to be a mother.
We got married on 7-7-07 by some miracle - he said he was
not the marrying type. But I conquered that too.
So we got a house together - got married but then I was
still crying in the corners about wanting to be a mother.
There is a lot more to the story but i have to run for

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