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2010-03-07 06:03:14 (UTC)

finally getting it together

Im so happy I finally got ahold of my good friend Roxanne
and she is coming to visit me tomarrow I can't wait we
have a lot to catch up on. Roxie has been very depressed
and I have been in hibornation mode so we haven't seen
much of eachother I made her a necklace and bracelet set
and then I asked her what her fave color was I guessed
right it was purple and thats the color I used. Tony and
I are getting a little distant he is always spending the
night at his moms but I can't say anything about that cuz
I told him I was alright with it Im just going to have to
tell him when Ive had enough and its time to spend time
with me I do love Tony so much there aren't words for it
and I wish he knew just how much he means to me Im so
proud of him he has kept a good job for a long time I just
really hope he can keep it for a long time that way one of
these days I can quit my shitty job we have a nice place
to live nice things and we have eachother then another
thing Im proud of him is he is losing weight he has wanted
to lose it for a long time I just hope I can follow his
good example and lose some weight and keep it off that
would be awesome I need to come up with a plan for next
winter to keep myself going. well Im going to chill and
crawl into bed nighty night

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