day by day life
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2010-03-07 03:12:38 (UTC)

misin my daddy

i really miss my daddy really bad and i might be going to
vegas with jeffrey and i cant wait to see if i am i mean
like who wouldent want to see here dad if they havent seen
them in 3 years and pluse i usally cry cuz i mis him im just
a pre-teen and i really miss him. nock on wood but if he
dies how would i no and how/what will i do? i really really
want to see him but how i havent got money to fly there and
my mom wont let use take a bus cuz its to dangourouse and
well thats all i have to say about that! well acoully its
not im really mad at my mom cuz she wont snd me down there
in like 5 years i can mybe cuz then ill be 18 and ill be
ligal to go well i guess thats all for today read to marrow
and well see what would happen next lol byy!!!!!!!!!

love always,