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2010-03-07 02:57:18 (UTC)

The Rain in my Heart

The rain is pouring down from the skies,
Much like the tears coming from my eyes.
The harsh pitter patter doesn’t even compare,
To this feeling of utter despair.

Its unyielding much like this pain,
How much do we have in common with this rain.
It getting stronger and I cant even see,
Outside of my prison…entrapped in me.

You’ve held me back for far too long,
Much like this rain you’ve done me wrong.
Cant get where I’m going and doomed to be lost,
In the darkness you’ve banished me to with no cost.

For you never have felt a pain such as this,
To be ripped apart by my first kiss.
I wish you would stop this tormenting please,
I wish my heart would simply freeze.

To put up walls I had never needed,
To guard myself and to have receded.
Into myself to never be hurt,
I’ll remain cold and alone like the desert.

I’ve always been one to believe in love,
But that same love you were void of.
I didn’t let that stop me though,
Because I’d really wanted you to know.

That love can be the greatest thing,
I got too caught up in a harmless fling.
I didn’t know that as I sought to teach you,
I would lose a part of myself too.

Gone is the girl so lively and happy,
Now in her place lives a girl feeling crappy.
To have learned that love cant conquer all,
That its something so small.

Now I know love isn’t real,
That people cant even remember how to feel.
So consumed by greed and lust for wealth,
They don’t realize what they’ve done in stealth.

For its people like you why love doesn’t exist,
Now I know we should never have kissed.
Maybe if I had been strong,
My views of love wouldn’t have gone wrong.

But because of you I feel its true,
I don’t really know how you knew.
That love is a myth and nothing more,
Just an old piece of folklore.

I now know that you were right,
I’ve been thinking about it all day and night.
Listening to the rain outside my door,
Knowing that there is nothing more.

To our generation because we’ve grown cold,
Love isn’t real is what we’ve been told.
So be happy cause you won,
We are officially done.

There is no love just lust and greed,
And petty undeniable need.
So because of this I’m building a wall,
Around my heart so I never fall.

In love again and feel this pain,
As seemingly endless as the rain.
A hallow shell of who I was,
You should know its all because.

Of you,
And I truly hope you feel it too.

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