Nick's Journal
2010-03-07 00:00:30 (UTC)

The Office

no not the one that we all work in, but the show. i've
always loved this show, ever since it was the british
version. wait, scratch that. at first i was highly
skeptical of this show, BECAUSE i loved the british version.
i thought that ricky gervais absolutely nailed the "subtly
uncomfortable because he's totally clueless, lacking all
social awareness" boss.

but after season 1 this show had me. although it took me a
few episodes i started to really love carrell's - michael
scott. really he is so good at acting that character that
it just doesn't feel like acting. i fully expect, that if i
were to ever meet steve carrell in person that he would act
like michael scott.

and all of the other characters are just amazing. dwight is
HEAD OVER HEELS better than the similar character in the
british version. and i really love the character of ryan,
it's a very subtle perfect supporting role type of
character. plus, if you don't know this, bj novak is
fucking hilarious in general.

but what really carries this show is the relationship of jim
and pam. not only did this show do a great job of stringing
us along in agonizing fashion through the first 3 seasons,
but it has done and absolutely PHENOMENAL job of keeping
that relatinoship interesting.

i once in a while read the tv forums and that's all everyone
gushes about. jim and pam's relationship is the perfect
romantic one. two people who everyone watching feels should
be together but who are tortured by all of the missteps and
offbeat timings that tend to throw such relatoinships on a
trash heap. but of course, this relationship was never
destined to languish in the dark confines of "what could
have been".

probably one of the best tv moments of all time is at the
end of season 3. when jim goes out for the corporate job in
new york leaving pam behind. when i watched this, i had no
clue how it would end. i figured that thsi show would get
exceedingly lame and cursed myself for thinking that they
would actually putu the two together thereby extinguishing
what was obviously the greatest tension in tv history (and
the reason most people tuned in...give them what they want
and they tune out). and then the ending came and jim came
back for pam, and a squealed like a 12 year old girl at a
jonas brothers concert.

but after that i was worried. would it work? i mean would
the show be the same? and oddly enough, they did a great
job of keeping that relationship interesting. it's jsut
that the two actors playing jim and pam come by that
relationship so naturally, nothing seems forced or overacted.

season 4 took off and it has now come ot last thursday's
episode in whcih pam gives birth. once again, this episode
could have severely tanked. both jenna and john (i think
that's jim's real name) could have overacted that part but
they just nailed it. absolutely nailed it. i watched the
episode again and loved it. i loved how when they took the
wrong baby (just watch the episode you'll know what i mean)
it didn't turn into a hysterical over-acting screech fest.
just subtle hilarity that the office is known for.

plus there are many other characters that rock this show,
andy bernard played by ed helms is absolutely hilarious.
what i'm trying to say in a very convoulted way is that this
is probably my favorite comedy of all time. i don't know if
i can really have a favorite show of all time. i mean i
would never say that the office is better than the wire,
because it is like comparing apples to oragnes. but i will
say (finally and rather reluctantly in a way) that the
office is better than seinfeld.

now before you show up with a pitchfork and torch at my
house let me explain. seinfeld had nowhere near the
relationship intrigue as the office. i truly believe that
the jim and pam relationship is one of the best written
relationships in any show ever. elaine and jerry don't even
come close. plus, the office just has some (for me who is
very hard to make laugh out loud) laugh out loud moments.
and it's all because it's very subtle humor. nothing is
overdone and sometimes it takes me a second but then i just
roar with laughter, sometimes to the point where i have
tears and my abs hurt.

this is jsut a great show. and it has taken me a long time
to realize it. but now that i do, i can rewatch each of the
seasons with relish. thank you media world, for every
bachelorette episode out there (which juli is coincidentally
watching RIGHT Now...what a shitty show) there is a show
like the office, and it is so worth every fake ass toolbag
acting like a little pansy just so that he can find "true love".