my life as shantay
2010-03-06 18:15:50 (UTC)

omg im freakin scared now : ' (

omg now im scared to live!!!! michael hills saw me
yesturday and he said that hes tired of me acting crazy,
and he said that he knows my whole generation and where
they live.So i said"idc whoopdy doo da"(BECAUSE I WAS ON
CRACK I SWEAR).Then two days ago my cousin(jessica) called
me and this is what she said exactly(because i recorded
the whole thing:Hi shantay a kid keeps ringing my doorbell
an runing and screaming saying that u wont love him and
that yull regret not loving him because hes gunna take
away what u love most so that ull have to love somethin
else which is him.A few minutes after she said that
michael hills called me(idk how he got my number becuse i
surely didnt give it to him) and said that tonight ur
gunnah regret things about me that u didnt know you'd ever
regret.So last night the police came to my house and told
my mom that jessica was stabbed like 15 times.And michael
was right, i regreted things that i'd never thought i'd
regret.Like being on crack, liking my fake bf,and hating
michael hills.Also now im freakin scared because i dnt
like michael hills but im afraid if i dont then he might
kill someone i really love.(not that i dont love my cousin
just sayin).Im scared so i really have to eat micky d's
now and still im not fat.K BYE!!!