story of my life
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2010-03-06 16:40:46 (UTC)

how long will it take?

i miss her yesterday, i miss her today...how i wish this would
be over ='( i dont want to cry nmore,just want to scream at
the top of my lungs till she hears me..i miss her sooo bad,i
never thot this would be so hard for me.I never knew how much
she means to me till now but shes gone.im miserable without
her..shes the only person who appreciate me.only good thing
that happen today was talkin to neeko he made me smile
today..and i need that been cryin my eyes out for 2 days
now..how long will it take till this pain are gone...how long
will it take for me to finally let go and moved on...i miss
rachelle so bad.but i want her to be happy and i hope she

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