Why do I even bother
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2010-03-06 08:45:33 (UTC)

I'm not ripe

I catch my self holding in my breath. Ragged gasps escape my
my parted lips. My body reacts to his every movement,
caress. I can't get enough. Even with my body pressed as
tightly as I can bear, I still need to be closer. Need him
to take more of me. My mind screams to stop. You don't love
him. You don't want to give him all you have. It's not worth
it. You get closer and closer. The urge gets uncontrollable.
He guides you to what pleases him. The power you feel
because of the pleasure you give him is beautiful.
A timid "I can't" is forced out
He answers "okay" disappointingly
A few moments of silence pass
he asks curiously "why"
"it's too soon"

How can I share something so deep, with someone I don't
love? Something that can never be taken back, will always be his
I can't

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