It's me... Jessicaaa!
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2010-03-06 05:11:16 (UTC)

I rode my dog!!!

Omg!! My dog is a freaking beast haha! I like made him stand up and just
sat down on his back. His whole back sagged and his back legs almost
gave out.. But he remained sranding. I lifted up my legs and slowly bounced
up and down. I got wet... Yeah.. I was wearing a thong, so his back wouldn't
get wet. Oh god... His spine went like up my butt, and I felt like he was at
my mercy, which he kind if was because I wouldn't let him sit LOL. I finally
got him to walk with me riding him!! I used his collar as a steering device
which he actually caught on quite well. When I wanted him to turn left to the
kitchin, I tugged on his left side ofhis collar. He was straining pretty hard.. I
am 120 pounds with a little junk in my trunk LOL! He started panting as I
had him carry me to the fridge. Wow, not only does it turn me on but I don't
have to freaking walk from room to room. I have a feeling that bernie will be
carrying me quite a lot from now on haha! His lower back fit inbetween my
butt cheeks. Leaving the kitchin, he finally collapsed.. I didn't want to stop
though because it felt too good... I remained sitting on him for a good 15
minutes, just rocking back and forth, tesxting people. I keep my phone
handy in my bra for quick use haha! I really don't think berny was hurt. If
anything it was good exercise for him... he was panting like hell!!

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