no trust
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2010-03-06 00:14:07 (UTC)

what a great actress

what an actress she is to think that she would protect and
never lie to her own sis but when u have a boyfriend
sometime you had to take his side even if it mean making ur
sis look crazy or hurting her to the point that she is
going crazy or never trusting a word she say. what if ur
sis boyfriend comes in ur house and always going be hide ur
back telling ur brothers and sisters that you stinks like
shit. its funny how he comes into the house depending shit,
being rude and disrespect. even worst having ur sister
backing him up because she doesn't wont to ruin her
relationship with he.and when trying to confront her about
it she say that i'm hearing things in ur head. then when u
tell ur mom about she storms in with these fake tear say how
much she loves u and cares for u and that she always on ur
side my boyfriend would never talk about u.then her
boyfriend storms in say babie calm down and lets going laid
down. then who gets hell at me say that i'm hearing thing
and i need pills blah blah blah... the funny thing is i
actually believe her until the next day hear boyfriend comes
in saying let me talk to her. i'm going to tell her that all
of it true