no trust
2010-03-05 23:51:05 (UTC)

idoits everywhere

where do i start with me or with the family that i though i
had. mmm... think i'll start with my family lets see lets
start with the arrogance, self-center, sensitive, everybody
wants he to can my ego get any bigger. looks like his image
as 19 yr old has grow quit a bit. spreading rumors that i
spend my day looking up porn NO not any porn but cartoon
porn. then has the nerves to tell everybody that i do that
it makes me want to laugh my ass off that i even playing
his little game. i pretend to that looking at porn by
turning the computer all the way towards me then when he
leaves i quickly close all my tabs and look at him
(idoit).sometimes i even leave because i know he looks at
my history and then pretend that he was watching tv when i
get back. i just look at he with a smile on my face and get
back on the computer like thing happens. OH if are
happening to read this it just shows what a big idoit u r
the jokes on u and proofs that i was right u know why
because u won't confront me about it and will just tell
everybody. ur not silk and u know that i know that i play
the game better then u idiot. by the way i know secret
about u that r actually r true but i dont say anything
because i'm a bigger man than u literally u even said it ur
self and beside its not my place to say anything. if ur
that concerned than just tell on me but i know u wont.i'm
smarter than you think i'm u just choose not to knowledge
it. when u think about ur not a good brother u just fellow
the crowd when u hear friends talk about people u just can
help ur self by joining in on the fun u need to grow up and
get over ur fantasy because ur acting like ur instills in
high school OH by the way u need to put ur friend in check
about say that i stink like shit because i take my showers
everyday thank u i'm 21 yrs old think i know how to wash my
ass. but u want u that because u only encourage the thing
he dose right now breaks my heart too see u act so ugly because
u think u know what i'm doing in my life but u dont i have
anything to hide for anybody in this house. you know i lie
i'm not a bigger man then u so hear goings. when u where
little you use to have sex with another guy which will i
won't name less he gives me a reason. didnt you use to kiss
one of ur sibling mmm... don't you masturbate to porn when
ur here by yourself.