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2010-03-05 20:18:36 (UTC)

I got hit in the face....with A SHOE!!!!

OK so im the T.A. in pe 3rd period and we were goin into
the wrestling room.
One of the 7th graders thought it would be funny to through
there shoes and it hit me straight in the eye.
So my eye started to water and yea i might have cryed a
little but it fricking hurt.
So i go up to her and im like
"Watch were you through you shoes! It fucking hit me in the
HER "Well maybe you shouldnt stand there"
ME "ARE YOU KIDDING? you fucking threw your shoe, what are
you like 5?"
HER "No but at least i have good aim!"
And then we started wrestling on the matts and i broke one
of my nails and i pulled her hair and by the end of it, it
took 6 ppl to hold me off and 1 to hold her!
But we both ended up crying and laughing and kinda became
friends,, lol and till this day.. she still says " IM


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