baby shaq

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2010-03-05 16:53:37 (UTC)


Today in gym we watched something that was truly
disgusting. It was about trauma in the ER. It was baout a
guy who was stabbed in the head. He was in tremendous
pain. It was very sad to know what people do to other

Another was about a boy who was hit in the head with a 2
by 4 peice of wood. He was walking in a construction site
when he got hit. He would not have got hit if he would
have read the sign. That said to wear a hard hat if you
were down there.

It was also about a mother and daughter who got in a wreck.
Their car flipped and then it ran into a tree. It was
really sad because part of the babies skull was
desentegrated. It was also sad because at the end the
babay died because of blood loss.

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