Diary of an Emo
2010-03-05 16:37:23 (UTC)


I have a lot of depression, i only dont know why.
I dont have a mother or father that drinks, smokes, or hits me.
The opposite of it.
My parents are christian.
Not that thats a problem.

I just have the feeling I need someone, someone I can hang on to.
Someone who will love me.
Understands me.

I really wish there were emo's in my school.
They feel the same depression.
If there were emo's in my school, I would love to talk to them.
But there arent any.
I also dont really have friends here on school.
And sometimes, I just want to put out the lights, sit in the corner, listen
screamo on full volume, and cry.

If you're reading this, please try to help me out.
I would really appriciate it.

Thanx for reading.

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