story of my life
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2010-03-05 15:21:15 (UTC)

i love you goddbye :'(

last night by far the worst night of my life...the girl im in
love with broke up with me,until now i cant believe i wont be
talkin to her anymore i miss her today and tomorrow and always
:'(.i will miss every conversation,every laughter..i will miss
how she always make me feel special how she make me laugh.i
will miss how we fight,i will miss how she try to keep up with
my english lol.i will miss how she always makes fun of me and
me bein older than her.i will miss everyday that she tells me
how much she loves me and that she wants me so bad.i will miss
how we talk about the future together.i will miss how she got
jealous and i will miss makin her jealous :).i will miss
everynight when i stay sooooo late talkin to her.i will miss
how she says go to sleep and me not wantin to.i will miss her
randomness,i will miss her stubborn and naughty ass.i will
miss ma favorite jailbait, i will miss the best girl i met
online...i will mis my rachelle today,tomorrow and always
:''((....i love you rachelle now your free and all i ever
wanted was for you to be happy,hope youll find the right girl
that would treat u the way u treat me..u deserve ur freedom u
deserve to be happy...