Your Soul for Love?
2010-03-05 04:57:47 (UTC)

Today was...weird

Dear Diary,
for once I'm not going to write about Deakwon.I am going to
write about my day.So today was weird.As usual I was late
for school.When I went to get my tardy pass the lady who
was signing it for me seemed like she actually wanted to
talk to me.She was bombarding me with her problems then
started singing which made me a little worried about her.So
yes we all have our weird point of time in a day especially
the beginning of the day but it got so much weirder.When I
walked in the class room my best friend connie wasn't
there.This made me feel extremely uncomfortable because the
only two people left at my table were people apart of the
clique(a group of girls in my class who stay in drama or
just act plain stupid and ghetto)

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