Angeline Rose

Love of the Loveless.
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2010-03-05 04:23:37 (UTC)

Looking into your eyes when I pull a jack: Only to find a seven

Who knows, all I know, is we're not in a safe place.
We could dive into shallow waters, or we could wade in the

"Are you looking?"

BATS, Cherry tomatoes, Baked potato soup, shooting stars
Yellow frisbees, fisheye lenses, walgreen, hide-n-seek, best
cigarettes, lovely hands, unicorn pipes, scary movies, water
bottles, bowling,
cell phones, all-nighters, sharis, taco bell, star gazing,
cuddling, LBPS, Blink, Egyptian rat screw, bitch tap,
learning, loving, yearning, growing.

Don't date, don't fall in love.
Boys are trouble, go lesbian?
Work work work, no fun, no play.
And when it's all over, take a big breath and kill myself.

Love, you sick, twisted, beautiful, emotion. Complete fuck
to the human psyche.
You outerbody connection. You internal deliverance. I hate
you, I love you.
I you you.

Maybe it's time to realize, dear friend.

Aug. 22nd, 2009 | 08:40 am

That we are working for absolutely nothing.
Dear friend, tell me your stories, I'll tell you mine.

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