mian sahab

Days and Nights in USA!
2010-03-04 18:49:57 (UTC)

Social Status!

its surprising for me now to see the social differences in
Pakistan and specially when compared to American culture.
Dominant always rules and fittest always survives that will
be the most harsh and painful truth after i go back
Pakistan.I never thought and i still cant believe how much
my perspective is changed not only regarding social status
differences but also in the aspect of different nations
their controversies. But what can i do??? is there any way i
can help it???/ but that doesn't sound easy at all. I will
still not be sitting side by side with servants neither will
i be eating with them.Every difference will be active again
as it was before.I sometimes wish would that "no one was
inferior or everyone was superior". But as Baba says ,"The
one who has control over his desire makes the difference".
Wish my self a very good luck for future , Allah be with me
.Amen. otherwise i am done and and i would be done long time
before if there was no support of the prayers of my parents
and teachers. Allah be with them.Amen.