Joe's inside secrets
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2010-03-04 13:41:57 (UTC)

Marriage's price

After 4 years in love and more than one year's marriage
life, I got to know that life is exactly a realistic novel.

A fight on the Paper Anniversary completely broke me down,
which also deprived all my hopes, plans and confidence of
life and marriage. BTW, I'm never a extremely optimistic
person. Inside, i have been pessimistic whenever I meet
any shock or knock in life or work.

Sacrifice your freedom and your spare time if you're gonna
get married. What's more, as a woman, you have to be like
a wife, a mistress and even a mother in a marriage.

After deciding to divorce, all the things, including
furnitures and appliances, have been added in to a list,
showing how much I paid for this so-called family with
only two persons, him and me. The final numeral really
shocked me a lot. I can only get RMB 6,000 yuan from him
after divorce.

How ridiculous! This number really made me speechless.
I've never thought that 6000 was all I could have after
years' efforts and dedicatioin to him and the family.

Because of the "6000" and no apt to live in, i shrank
back. From then on, I've no idea what my life would be
like. But one thing is definitely clear, I can't have all
my dreams come true. All my life is about to be miserable.
Probably, i would become increasingly withdrawn ever since
or wallow in the alley of despair.

Marriage = RMB 6000