rip dad
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2010-03-04 07:00:17 (UTC)

all me 4

well its another day with out a job and im driving my self
crazy i never had this much trouble finding a job before i
cant belive how the ecomony is shit bills are piling up and
dont know when i will have ajob this sucks
on a good note robert gets out of prison and he goes to
work release i go and pick him up on the 24 of march i cant
wait he will be here unless i have a car to go and get him
or money to go but i have neither right now so i guess it
the bus right now then i can go and meet him at the station
im kinda of nervous causes its been 4 years since we have
lived togother so we have to strat all over and im going
to have to move again cause the apartment im in isnot big
enough for 3 people says my aunt but i dont think she wants
me here any more any way cause of the things she had said
to me it wasnt nice it was kinda of bitchy but what do i do
i need a place to stay for now until i get a job and save
up rent and despoit and back in cr i go that way i can get
to things in 5to 10 minutes instead of a half of an hour
and i have no car so its really hard on me so i have a lot
of soul searching to do in the next few weeks i love my
husband but im scared too so hopefully it gets easier as
the time pass by for him to live with me witch i think it
will its just i got so much on my plate right now that i
dont know witch way im going half of the time so iguess
things could be worse right right any bring this to a slow
with rip dad