They Call Me Crazy
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2010-03-04 01:44:17 (UTC)

Spoken words

I am sick of no one listening to what I have to say. I am
not a debate master and have never been good at fast paced
conversation. I speak like I write, slow, with every last
detail a crucial piece to the big picture. So, henceforth
(whatever that really means) I plan on not talking aloud.
I plan on using a dry erase board as my means for
conversing. People including myself tune out pieces and
parts of others speech, however in reading a person must
pay attention to detail. The plan may end up being a flop
seeing as how I can barely keep to the plan of feeding my
fish everyday. My teachers may not like the plan either
but they don't listen very well either. My parents...
whenever I have a good arguement they tune it out because
they know it aggravates me and causes me to get louder.
They know that if I get louder they can punish me. This
time around I plan on showing them up. Bwahahahaha! It
will be hard to defend myself though. It wont be easy to
whip out a reply before they decide to blast me with yet
another reminder of my previous failures.
Aaaaannnywaaaaayyyyyy I hope all goes well. I know that
only spam-bots are reading this right now, but wish me