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2010-03-03 23:11:11 (UTC)

29 days

So I was a little fed up with the other diary site I was
using. I can only stand so many times a server crashing
and losing all my entries, so we'll try here...

So today is day three of the new meds. So far its okay.
The first night really knocked me on my ass. But I suppose
its just a matter of getting use to it. The worst side
effect, which isnt really that bad is the jaw clenching. I
mean I read it on the website and didnt really give it a
second thought cause it was rated so low, like .01%, so it
figures I get it... And with all the problems I have with
my jaw, meh. Its not so bad. I just have to keep
constantly conciously unclenching it. The yawning helps-
thats another rare effect, but I suppose its all related,
stretching it and what not.


I havent written anything in a long time. Im kind of
falling behind. Not sure why. I really have to try to
focus. The week is halfway over and I havent worked at all
either. I could care less now but when next Friday rolls
around and I got no money, Im gonna be crying. I pretty
much have everything budgeted for this week.

Tonight Im getting together with that guy... We'll see how
that goes. As long as he really did mean everything he
said, we should be okay. For some reason Im very very
comfortable with him already, which is strange cause its
been a while since Ive connected with someone so easily..
Maybe Im just too picky.

You would think Id be more nervous but meh. The pills are
making me pretty mellow and truth is, I am who I am. I
cant change it. Im too tired of pretending to be someone
Im not to make someone else happy. This is me, if he
doesnt like it, then hes not the one.

Millions of people in the world, you would think I could
find one with out so much trouble no?

But the only thing different about this time is I actually
looked for this. Thats a big deal for me. Usually I just
roll with whatever comes my way, but this time I searched
it out. Tried to find someone I would actually enjoy
spending time with but who knows.

I think I finally shook the stalker guy too. Its been 3
days and no texts. I think he got the message, fingers


29 days and counting down.