baby shaq

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2010-03-03 16:53:50 (UTC)


Last night i was watching Tv when something bad happened.
I turned around and there were two robbers. They took my
cat. I think they were mexican. And i went upstairs and my
dog was lying there. I was wondering were my parents are.

2 months later i woke up and my dog was pregnant and my
bike was gone. I think the robbers came back for revenge.
I was very scared because i still cant find my cat. I am
still chasing down the robbers and they still dont like me.

They dont like me because i stole gum and there
girlfriends. I still hang out with their girlfriends
because they are so hot. They really like me to but
sometimes i dont have time for them. but i still love
them. I hope my cat turns up soon because i really miss

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