Experienced Life
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2010-03-03 02:30:26 (UTC)

A little stressed but I got some today

I got some today. That is always a nice relief. My only
complaint is that the wife comes too soon so she wants me to
hurry up and come but hey, you can't rush sex.

Our State is really taking an economic hit. Everyone seems
to be losing their home, jobs, etc and the mood is grim.
That's what we get for outsourcing our shit to India and
China. Don't know who to blame. The Government for letting
Companies to outsource work? Corporate America for not
caring about we Americans and all ethics are gone except for
the bottom line? I dunno.

I know that the next generations are in for a treat. The
current generations really screwed things up for the future
gens. Good luck on your multiple career changes. Get ready
for India to take over all the Engineering positions. I
guess if we are good at anything is for big bankers milking
the Ameriran public and big Stock execs getting their bonuses.

Like I said though, I'm glad I got some today. aaaahhh. If
shit is happening all around you, the best medicine is still
to get "laid". yup........................

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