Aaron Friedland

Aaron's Carbon Foot print
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2010-03-03 06:57:40 (UTC)

Foot Print Day 2

Today was an exceptional day for me. i continuously made conscious efforts to
be "green". I noticed that certain habits had began to kick in and i would unplug
appliances that were unused, even if i was not the one who had used them. i
also turned of the TV the second i was finished with it. I also forgot to tell you
about my shower last night. I decided i would find 2 songs that were each a little
under 4 minutes and when they were finished so was my shower. i picked drops
of jupiter and hey, soul sister. I had planned and made a routine for my shower
which worked very well i finished with some leisure time and just enjoyed the
water and music. i also read up on ways to use less water and energy at home
and one method that i have "installed at home" is placing a brick in your toilet.
Not the bowl but the top part, this takes up place and less water is used during
each flush. Today i also recycled many grape juice bottles and Ceres juice boxes.
Finally today i bought a box of disposable gloves. I decided the industrial sized
garbage located outside my house is disgusting and a huge turn of for people to
open in order to throw their garbage away. so i placed this box of gloves close
to the handle of the garbage with the hope the gloves will be used and people
will be more inclined to throw away waste. There is also a few recycle containers
that people can use but also have those gross smelly lids. hopefully these gloves
will encourage them to be more friendly to the environment.