2010-03-03 04:13:01 (UTC)


man i freakin hate how girls try too act like they all bad
when they really aint shit.
damnn, talking bout they can whoop my ass. then gunna go
on their own website thing&call me a whore, can't even
come too mineee.
&then better yet, they're gunna leave their shit anonymous.
what the hell is the point?
how am i a fuhkcin whore you dumb ass bitch?
how many guys have i slept with? twooo.
how many guys have you slept wtih? like a fuhkcin million.
how many dicks have you sucked? more than tenn.
how many have i sucked? oneeee.
so yeah, shut the fuhkc up&stay out of my damn life.
leave my boyfriend alone&leave my friend alone.
fuhkc you.
suck a dick&i hope you choke on it you dumb hoeee(: