My Life music,dreams,school,and boys
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2010-03-03 04:09:31 (UTC)


Life Suckz that's a facet i love everything but.. GYM
UGHHHHHHHH!!!!! ;"0 why?? u ask cuz we gotta run 10 1/2
min. and i feel like passing out then kameron most likely
hates me ramsey i kinda like now UGHH why is is os
complicated!!!!?????? :'(

perhaps you didn't notice me i'm invisble i can't be seen
maby i'm just not like everyone
i fade a little more each day the one thing i might have
left to say it's hard to feel when all you feel is none
i keep looking at you you keep looking right through life
yeah i'm invivsible
who do i have to be before you notice me i must be
I Am Invisible!!!

-Skye Sweetnam
-Invisible 3