My First Diary
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2010-03-03 01:56:58 (UTC)


so woke up early inthe morning i.e,4 because slept early in
the night.anu messaged me at 2 30 when i was asleep so i
msgd her at 5 she even replied to me she studying hard for
her internals though she is passed and me not at all
studying though failed so i will try to studied
paper . india lost in hockey.i thought of going to college
today so lets see what happens.

so iwent to college today there was free first peroid and
mr.hod came and started taking class.i actually donno y i
would like to see girls.since shruti havent arrived so i
started starring at khusboo then all of sudden shruti
arrived so i started starring at her some times and as class
is going on i donno actually i had understood the class or
not .i hadnt eaten anything till evening .so in lunch break
i went to it lab for actually downloading bt downloads aren
going so i stumbled and pruthvi was browsing.evning came to
the room and fell asleep so slept.i woke up at 9 30 then
bonu brought milk packet for me then i cookedd rice and
played chits with sripal,pruthvi,bonu and hemanth.after
playing i ate rice watching dragon ball z and a movie the
burning plain worst movie.its 2 but not feeling sleepy .so i
played fifa and now trying to sleep.