My Thoughts
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2010-03-03 01:37:48 (UTC)

A matter of fact

I'm sad to tears...... Why, sometimes does it seem in
those moments that you feel could give you the simplest
clue as to what your purpose is in someone’s life; or a
moment that would give you understanding of the meaning
behind chemistry between you and that person, somehow ends
up being a moment that strikes your heart like lightening;
revealing the truth about how much you do not matter in
their life. This is how it feels in that moment. Your
chest caves in, your voice lowers to a whisper, and you
fight to hold back tears that you could not have dreamed
would appear. It’s really crazy how much it matters, to
matter to the people who matter the most to you. The
craziest part to me is, not knowing that he or she
mattered just that much until you felt like you did not
matter as much…What do you do when who you want to be in
someones life is not who you are?

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