my life as shantay
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2010-03-03 00:54:18 (UTC)

omg, and more shocking news

OMFG!!! something terrible has happened...LIKE REALLY


THE ONLY REASON Y this is sooo
iomportant is because we arent supposed to like eachother.
(well he is but im not because im using him to get away
from michael hills.Let me tell u how i started liking
him.It started thursday(which was 2 days ago)I was over his
house again and we were sniffing crack as usual(the reason
y i do it is in my first or second entry and we can do it
freely because his parents are at work from 6 am till 12 am
and on a lucky day 8 pm and i always lie to my mom and say
that im at a friends house because i lie and say we have a
pop quiz every thursday)and then we decided to play a game
and feed eachother the crack by mouth.So we accidentaly
kissed and it was the most wonderfully fingerlicking dreamy
kiss in the whole world of guys that can kiss.Ans so we
ended up making out and we almost ended up having sex
because it was so good.And it was at that moment that he
looked more handsome than ever and i dont think im saying
that because i was on crack i think its foreals.BUT..i cant
be in love with somebody that i already pretended to be in
love with.I would fel too guilty to hugg him ever again.So
to solve this problem i shall eat some mcdonalds because
micky d's is my food for comfort and it helps me think to
solve my problems.Maybe ill use being in love with him for
2 things: because i want to, and for my advantage.I would
use him as an advantage because it will drive michael hills
away enough so that i wont have to sniff crack anymore
because honestly,i hate it alot its disgusting.But i feel
so bad for my fake bf because if he finds out he will break
up with me and ill cry and eat micky d's for
daayyysss.Right now i feel depressed so i think ill order
more micky

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