Your Soul for Love?
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2010-03-03 00:20:38 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
I really trully miss Deakwon.I need him by my side. He is
like my air. I need him to breathe.He is like my moon.
Without him there is no light to help me see through all
this darkness in the world.So now I can't see or breathe. I
feel as if I am trapped inside a metal safe box and he is
the only key that can get me out. I need him. I know he is
coming for spring break but I have been without him for 6
whole months now and he is only coming for a week and
during that week I can only see him once before he leaves
again for maybe 2 years or more.This long-distance
relationship thing is hard. But he is totally worth it. He
helped me feel something that I have never felt
before.Loved.For once I feel loved, cared about and
suprisingly worth something.I love him. Other than God
ofcourse he is beyond anything else I believe in right now.
He is my every hope, dream and faith.I wish he was here
with me right now. I wish I was on the couch with him with
a blanket wrapped around us both while he cuddles me and I
lay on his chest. We would both be cracking up because
every thing is pretty much a joke to us both. We would
probably also be watching cartoons like Chowder or Naruto
or even Adventures of Flapjack. We are such kids at
moments.Then there's the fct that we are random so every 5
minutes we'll probably burst out yelling a random item or
food and cracking up about it.I could only be that silly
with him. I could only be myself with him. He completes me
and I need my other half to live now.

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