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2010-03-02 23:58:17 (UTC)


dear diary so today my therapist told me i have to get a brain scan because she
can't figure out what is wrong with me . in other news i well as i could so tell
*miranda likes my boyfriend * george so she told him they could not be friends
anymore because of it poor george was depressed all day saying that he lost one
of his best friends so i talked to her and said " look i know this must be har for
you but chris really misses you and would really like it if you would be his friend
again ". she said " i think he misinterperted the reason i won't be his friend
snidly and walked away. later i asked her what the reason was then she said it
was none of my buisness seeing as i had never mentioned what i thought the
reason was i assume either shes faking aroungd me or faking around george .
she then said if he wants to talk to me he can do it himself i said i was his
girlfriend and onley trying to help him and asked her wh she couldn't just talk to
me she said because it wasnt important and stormed off. later i missed tutoring
not feeling up to it and my mom said she was sending me to the hospital again
if i did not get my act together this time for a year or so.