baby shaq

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2010-03-02 16:48:20 (UTC)


Yesterday i went to velocity training. At velocity
training first i streched. Next i started to run and then
i did squats. After that i was able to do bench pressing
then i ran some more. I go to velocity training so i will
be ready for football season.

I am training to be the best freshman running back in the
school. I really need this training because i would not be
able to play. I was watching the combine and seeing what i
will have to do when i get to that level. It was fun to
watch because it is very informing.

I go to velocity training every tuesday and thursday. next
school year i will be able to run and be able to beat
every body on the field. I want to be the next Adrian
Peterson. Except with not as much fumbles. I hopefully
will be able to play in college at ohio state.

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