It's me... Jessicaaa!
2010-03-02 05:14:52 (UTC)

What makes me tick.

Alright, Ill just say it. I get very horny. Yes, girls get just as horny as guys;
they're just usually very secretive about it. I have a strange fetish! I have
noooo idea how I got it, but ever since I was little it interested me. I'm
aroused by riding on animals' backs. Dead serious. Only problem is, I rarely
ever have the chance to ride. I've ridden on donkeys a few times- amazing.
And once, a goat. Yep. I rode a freaking goat, and enjoyed every second of
it. A lot. My friends and I were at a farm below the city, and I suggested
laughingly, that we take turns riding the goat. My friend sat down on it,
fullweight, and it remained standing. That was the greenlight for us LOL. She
was the one of the muffin top big butt - ew - girls. It surely could carry us. I
sat down and OMG it turned me on like a light switch. I'm weird I know, but
to each her own right, everything about it was hot. I was wearing a skirt, and
moved the skirt back so I could have fullweight contact on it's back, I was
only wearing a thong LOL. I loved the way it's spine sagged down when I sat
down, how it staggered underneath me. I loved the way it's back was so little
and small in comparison to my butt, which was almost hanging over it's back
on each side. I loved how soft it's fur felt between my legs, and how I was
being supported soley by the crotch. I loved how I didn't have to move a
muscle, when my friends had it walk. Man. I loved that goat haha! My friends
made it walk around the lawn a bit, and I could feel it's muscles working and
straining under me, the goat being half my size, me not moving a muscle. I,
being perfectly capable of walking but preferring the goat to lug me around. It
was bliss. My friends were laughing, but not getting the same kind of
enjoyment as me;P of course, they all wanted turns, so my minute of
enjoyment was ended fast.. I did feel bad for the poor thing after all of us had
our fill... It looked tired and weak. Don't blame it; we were all like 115-130
pounds. But yeah. Now I have nothing to ride. It sucks. I've been sizing up
my dog though LOL! No, seriously my dog is huge. Slightly larger than the
goat. But I love my dog, Berny, so much I wouldn't want to hurt his back. I'll
do some research, and see how much they can carry. Till then! Byeeee!

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