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2010-03-02 04:55:54 (UTC)


DIARY i might not be writing in a while i got in troiuble
in Mr Waldronds UGH I'M so so so so so so so dead soon :'(
i hate this just wish my life was better i didn't do
nothing oo the dude we shouldn't even get ino trouble cuz
we were out for snow!!! it just ain't fair!!! UGHH :'( so
if i don't write you know why and by then i might be
dead :'( i just wish i could rewind and make it all better
well i better go i'm gonna get yelled at later or maby now
if i don't get in there soon i'm gonna get whopped!! :'(
well i gotta run in gym tommorrow UGHHHHHHHH!!!!!i hate
damian chambers and MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!