It's me... Jessicaaa!
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2010-03-02 04:45:08 (UTC)


Hey everyone!! I'm jessica. I'm 16, 30% Asian 70% white. I have black hair,
and hang out with a all the "popular girls" at my school. They're not all that
bad.. I'm pretty petite.. Kind of. I'm like 118 pounds, and have the - womanly
- curves going on. I guess I'm lucky. Some girls have awkward bodies. My
butt normal sized, some of my friends have HUGE butts and muffin tops LOL.
Fail. My waist is small and slim! But I have nice hips, I got lucky. Ok, nuff
about body parts haha! I'm an only child, but not really spoiled. I hate spoiled
brats!! Anyway, I'm making this whole diary thing to express what's on my
mind and whatnot. I'm not your average girl.