Aaron Friedland

Aaron's Carbon Foot print
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2010-03-02 01:50:07 (UTC)

Foot Print Day 1 Continued

Today when i got home from school i did a garbage run. I made a more
conscious effort to recycle, instead of only recycling plastic and bottles i also
recycled paper products which included cereal boxes and and various other
boxes. I am also making a greater effort to unplug my phone charger when it is
not being used. I am not looking forward to tonight where i will attempt my
shortest shower ever. To ensure i am able to have a quick shower, hopefully 8
minutes or less i have planned out the order in which i will wash and clean
myself to keep it short but still clean. I thought Mr young might want me to go
into detail for this one so here it is.

- ill start with shampooing this should take 30 seconds maximum
- then i will condition, while conditioner is in my hair i will brush my teeth and
body wash. This should take under 4 minutes.
- finally i will wash my face
- lastly some leisure time where i can just enjoy the warm water and music.

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