Dream Journal
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2010-03-02 00:25:39 (UTC)

03/01/10. Disaster.

As I step off the bus I don't notice that my gloves just
fell. As I walk away I see a girl pick them up. "I would
like my gloves back, please!", I yell. The girl just looks
at me as if I did not make a sound. "Give me my gloves
back!", I yelled again. But she does not respond. As she
walks towards me there is a sudden shaking. I see the earth
move and the road crack. For a second everyone and
everything was still. Then it started to shake again. The
girl and everyone else runs in different directions
disappearing from sight. The clouds roll as thunder sounds
but I cannot run. I stare at the sky as it turns from blue
to black in 60 seconds. I watch as a helicopter flies very
low and lands at about 100 feet away. I can hear them
communicating to each other. "There seems to be a civilian
down the road"' one man says to the other. I make a mad dash
to my house when suddenly, the wind blows me off my feet and
into the air. I am moving forward but with the wind. The
helicopter moves towards my and grabs me with some kind of
metal hand and puts me down. As it brings me down I feel the
rain pelting me. I run down the street. The road is covered
with a green net. That moment I saw the net I understood
that it was to keep me from dying. I slow down and walk
slowly as I see my block panic-ridden. People running
around. Cars on the ground. I finally get into my house.
The first thing I noticed when I looked outside was that
everything was fine. The sky had turned blue.