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2010-03-01 15:39:07 (UTC)

Matthew Browndorf

What you need is a laptop, hand-held scan gun, external hard
drive for the images, projector, projector screen,
expand-a-view (this allows the VGA signal to be sent to
multiple monitors and may also be substituted with the
brilliant but expensive matrix box) and various flat-screen
monitors. If you have all the peripheral cables necessary,
you will be able to walk into any hearing a couple of hours
in advance and prepare the room for your digital light show.

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The differences between asset classes are very striking and
yet basic, which is why they are a perfect complement to one
another within a diversified portfolio. Equities are based
on the pure equity ownership of corporations and inherently
have a lot of specific credit risk as well as industry and
macroeconomic risk.

Mathew Browndorf Bio Threshold-level training includes a
demonstration of all of the features of the software. Unless
participants see the features with their own eyes, they will
not understand all of the courtroom document special effects
such as color highlighting, enlargement, underlining,
document scrolling, document rotation and free-hand writing
on the document. Threshold training also covers presenting
videotape testimony, impeachment of witnesses by use of
videotape clips, use of animation, timelines and
demonstrative evidence.

Mathew Browndorf Bio

While many factors were at play, the overriding modus
operandi of many investors at the time was to “raise cash at
all costs” to fulfill margin requests, pay back credit lines
that were pulled or satisfy investor redemption requests.
This caused not only all asset classes to see a wave of
selling, but the most liquid assets get hit the hardest as
access to capital trumped getting value.

Mathew Browndorf Details There is nothing quite as
impressive as dimming the lights at the beginning of a
hearing, rolling out the screen and presenting your case,
including the examination of witnesses, using images
projected onto the screen. By utilising the software that I
have highlighted in this article, lawyers are able to
provide a much more streamlined, efficient and cost
effective service to their clients, particularly in those
cases which are large document matters.

Mathew Browndorf Bio A new treatise on the life settlements
industry has been published by Wiley Finance. Jonathan
Sadowsky, Portfolio Manager at Browndorf FSG, LLC and author
of one of the chapters, said “I think a book of this type is
exactly what the life settlements industry needs to allow
investors to have one central place to go for high quality
information on the asset class.

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