A normal life....
2010-03-01 08:55:49 (UTC)

Stupid dumbass classmates.. ( I'm one of them.. çOç)

I'm suddenly in a great mood.. so... yeah... gonan try to
make up or all the bitchying on the last post.. XD

so.. yesterday I went to watch some movies with my mum,
Spireted Away, the destiny of Amelie Poulon or something
like that.. Adão e Eva.... great movies with great
soundtracks.... anyway... when I came back, fight with
BFF, don't feel liek nagging about it.. and suddenly..
someoe mesages me: " *my name* .... wha's on the french
test.?? 8D " Me: " ..... there's a french test.? ono"
So... both me and my classmate start going crazy.... I ask
the quiet boy of the class... and.. he tells me there is a
test but, like everyone else, he wasn't bothered to listen
and write what the teacher said.... more and more people
asked me.. then... the good girl of the class.. she had no
idea either... everyone goes crazy.. I could imagine their
desperate faces matching mine on the other side of teh
screen.. today.. I wake up super early to study as much as
I can.. suddenly.. Monica, a girl that wasn't on
yesterday... me: " MONICA.!!! WHAT'S ON THE TEST.!?"
she: " Environmental stuff yah know... acid rain..
polution.. heat.... etc tec.. 8D " Me: " ..... for teh
french test.? 0.o" she: " No.!! For teh science test
tomorrow.! Why yah studying for french.?? It's only next
week.. 0.o"

And suddenly it all came back to me... the teacher had
warned us as there wasn't enough time to give everything,
test was only next week.... I almost fell of the chair
laughing at that.. XD

But.. now.. I'm getting worried again... science test.???
ono .... and.... it seems like there is a work too.!
OMG.!!! I remember.!! There is.. and.. it's on the test...
some dumb experiment...GAAAAAAAHH.!! Why doesn't anyone
warn me of this things before.!? What kind of idiots are
we.!? TT__TT .. we must be the worst class in the world..

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